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Getting start camming
New to Camming? Think harder before joining
Legals & Laws
Coming out as an adult webcammer & Hiding your job
Remove yourself off the internet, Protect yourself (and your content) & DMCA
Getting Paid & Gifts
Camsites, Clipstores, Studios, & Camming / Indy Listings
Studio General, Problems & How to Leave/Transfer
Other Webcamming Forums
Non-US Webcammers
Egg Baskets
Couple Cam
Male Cam
Transgender & Transexual Cam
Other Races Cam
Mature / Older Cam
Pregnancy & Webcamming
Moms Cam
Military/Teachers/Nurses/Other professions Camming
Revealing Personal Information (age,location,relationship) & Making a Cam Personality
Hustle Tips
Raffles, Games, other fun things
Selling or Using the contact info (phone, text, etc) for camming and custies
Goal Challenges
Slow Days
Custies & Private Problems
Getting Too Attached or Close to Cam Custies Or Cam Model & Asking to Meet
Finding and Working with other Models for camming & contents
General Questions & Tips on Camming
Instructions on camming, dances, stripping, & etc
Camming with Significant Other/Roommate/Family at home
Phone Sex Operator (PSO) & Sexting
Camming and Your Health & Burn Outs
Camming Hairdos, Wigs, Make-Ups, Teeth Whitening & Covering or Hiding Body issues
Camming on Periods, Lubes, Toys, Squirting, Backdoor, Genital Hygiene & Cleaning up
Cumming & Faking it tips!
Gold Shows, Oil Shows, Outdoor Shows, Shower Shows & Voyeur shows
Rates & Methods of tracking your earnings
Non-US Sites, Camming on Travel, Immigration, & Camming Abroad
Camarathon & Long Shifts
Making Energy & Getting Some Good Rest or Sleep
Schedule & Time Management
Breaks in Shift, Snacks, & Etc
Camming During Holidays, Sport Days, & etc
Flirt Lines, Dirty Lines, Slangs, & Foreign Languages
Special Requests
No Audio / Typing Only
Fetish Tips, Tutorials, & Explains
Selling Your Panties and other things
Camgirl's Necessities & Tips
Camming Sites & Clips Threads
Passive Income
Making, Recording, Storing, Sharing & Selling the Contents with the Custies
Affiliate Marketing, Promoting, Tweeting, Blogging & Traffic
Encoder & Splitcamming
Computer & Internet Tips & Troubleshooting
Camorder & Webcam Tips and Recommendations
Lighting, Background/Backdrop, Camming set-up, Encoder, & troubleshooting
Design / host webpages, blogs, & etc
Photoshop Tips & Tutorials
Debates & Important Topics
Graphic Makers (buttons, designs, & etc)
Softwares & Tools for Webcammers
Law of Attraction
Relationships and Camming
Motivation, Positive, Venting, Odd Requests, & Fun threads
Great Camming Blogs, Tutorials, & etc
Stay Fit, Diet & Other Healthy Tips
Finding other adult related or non-camming work at home
Excel Spreadsheets, Tutorials, & Tips
Taxes, LLC, & etc
Emergency, Money Saving, Buying/Renting a home, Investments, Debts, Insurances & etc

Getting start camming:
  • Starting Place For Cam Girls
  • Common Newbie Camgirl Questions
  • Newbie Camming Expectations vs Camming Reality!
  • Camgirl Code of Conduct
  • Strategically maximizing "new girl" status
  • How to sign up for sites directly to earn more (aka avoid studios)
  • Awesome Camsite Percentage and Payout Chart
  • The Paid Chat Cam Sites List
  • Working for Studios? Yay or No Way?
  • How do our customers perceive the different cam sites? (It may help you to decide which site is best for you)
  • Info for Girls Thinking About Camming
  • Don't Quit Your Day Job
  • What NOT to wear on cam
  • Tools of the CamGirl trade
  • Limits (what things you would do or would not in the privates)
  • What To Do In A Private Session?
  • Potential Income/Cam Sites/Website Resources I have found.
  • Cam Girl Acronyms Thread
  • Chat slang - abbreviations
  • acronym challenge
  • Some tips I'd like to share that have helped me make more money...
  • Guide to becomming a model
  • Making Three Figures As A Camgirl
  • Helping my mom get started camming
  • Interested in camming - but are the low pay cuts worth it?

    New to Camming? Think harder before joining:
  • Cam girl past messed up my life forever?
  • Limitations of future employment
  • Google just takes Giant Step towards 'outing' dancers and camgirls
  • Facial recognition software
  • College Camming & Future Career
  • Being A Career Camgirl
  • what would you say to someone who recognizes you in real life?
  • I asked this is other work forum: Will camming get me outed.
  • Here is your proof!!You can still get a job after camming!
  • Will I Be Found Out/ Outed As a Camgirl, Camming and Vanilla Work
  • Jobs where getting "outed" isn't as bad/taboo/etc
  • Camming and Nurse Practitioner
  • I was found in real life by a REG!
  • Geo-restriction on SM... how it affects your placement.
  • Camgirls using Foreign based Webcam Hosts may want to consider this development
  • Do you feel camming is self damaging?
  • What amount of camming money is worth all the "contras" of this job? #newbiebaby
  • Am I in the wrong biz?

    Legals & Laws
  • Is webcam modeling really legal in the usa?
  • New UK Regulations on Porn Sites, ATVOD & what it means for you
  • Just curious if this was legal?
  • Kimberly Kupps arrested in FL for producing & distributing Porn on Clips4Sale
  • State Laws and Camming
  • Legalities of Camming
  • Is Camming Legal in New Jersey
  • Utah Law regarding camming
  • Top MFC Model Living Abroad Arrested For Filming Pornography
  • Camming is a crime in Philippines

    Outted, Coming out as an adult webcammer & Hiding your job:
  • some "coming out" advice, if you need it.
  • OMG lightbulb idea to make people stop asking what I do for a living
  • When/How did you come out?
  • Friends and Camming
  • What do you tell your kids you do for work?
  • Friends and Camming
  • When/How did you come out?
  • My Family discovered I am a Camgirl...
  • Are you open about your career?
  • If your parents know youre a camgirl...
  • So what do you tell your folks?
  • For those of you who lie to your family about your job
  • How to Tell My Family
  • How many girls on here have told their family about them camming?
  • Could just use some support. My family found out about my camming.
  • Gettin Paid : How(Hiding from Parents at home)
  • Living a double life?
  • Names for the job. Things to call your camming/striping/escorting job
  • Can a shared internet (for camming), be accesed by the person Im sharing with?

    Remove yourself off the internet, Protect yourself (and your content), DMCA, & IP / Skype:
    Safety and Tips on Getting Paid & Gifts / Getting Paid Options:
    Cam Site / Content Lists
  • Premium Camsites
  • Independent Cam Directories / Listings
  • Content Selling Sites
  • The Culture of a cam site.
  • Cam sites that do not report earnings?

    Cam Sites:
    Webcams Rating

  • Streamate
  • Cams
  • Cam4
  • Adultwork
  • iFriends
  • Naked
  • LiveJasmin
  • Flirt4Free
  • Kink Live
  • MyFreeCams
  • ImLive
  • Webcams
  • Plumper Pass

  • Studios:
  • BoleynModels

  • Camming / Indy Listings:
  • Piggy Bank Girls
  • CamConcierge
  • Live Cammodel Shows
  • Extra Lunch Money
  • My Girl Fund

  • Clips Stores / Studios:
  • Clips4Sale
  • Kink Bomb

  • Studio General, Problems & How to Leave/Transfer:
  • How to sign up for sites directly to earn more (aka avoid studios)
  • Reasons why you should NOT work for a virtual studio
  • Working for Studios? Yay or No Way?
  • Leaving the Streamate studios (Including Camshark studio)
  • Craiglist ads -should i apply or not?anybody experienced it?
  • Anyone on dailypay you had better read this OMG
  • Can my SM studio interfere with my traffic and placement?
  • Has anyone gotten out of DailyPay Service? How?
  • Studio Scam-Hideaway Cam Models for Streamate
  • Can You Make a Higher Percentage With A Studio?!
  • what does starting a "studio" for web cam models involve?
  • Studio "releasing" my streamate profile q
  • NEW MODEL, got roped in by a Studio and can't escape
  • Studios on SM
  • Streammate: Reliable payments to Russian cam models?
  • Negotiating with a studio for higher percentage?
  • A question about a very fishy physical "studio"
  • Can I leave streamate and join a studio.
  • Philippine girls on cam...
  • streamate,daily pay,& placement

    Other Webcamming Forums:
  • CamConcierge
  • BoleynModels & ClimaxModeling Offical
  • Amber Cutie's Forum
  • WeCamgirls
  • Cam Girk Wiki (not a forum)
  • Helpful Forum BB Code

    Egg Baskets:
  • Dr. Streamate or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Plan B
  • More Eggs, More Baskets Challenge
  • Too Many Eggs in Too Many Baskets!

    Couple Cam:
  • Can you help us get started?
  • Camming as a couple and penis size issues
  • B/G content shows with a less-than-hung partner?
  • Couples Camming ... HE'S having an issue working UP to the challenge...
  • Lesbian cam sessions
  • Couples is camera shy?
  • SM Couple Camming-- Can one performer NOT get paid?

    Other Races Cam:
  • Race and Camming (Survey inside)
  • Darker skin vs ligher skin( Black) camgirls
  • WTF is WRONG with the EBONY/Black Models?
  • Black Cam Girls - Do you make more from having a big bubble butt?
  • Black Camgirl with Questions about Dreadlocks and Camming
  • Black Cam Girls and Success
  • Black Cam Girls
  • Being called racists names
  • An Israeli girl on SM - is that problematic?

    Male Cam:
  • Male web camming
  • Male Web Cam it worth it?
  • Being a porn webcam guy?
  • Cam-boy about to take the plunge (advice much appreciated!)

    Transgender & Transexual Cam:
  • Best Site For A Transgender, Submissive, BDSM-Oriented Girl?
  • Transsexual cam girls?
  • Annoyed with AdultWork
  • I am transgender and changing my name and gender legally, I heard that on SM....
  • Is there a market for transsexual camgirls?
  • Freewebcams & MFC rejected my application! Anyone know any good sites for transgender

    Older / Mature Cam:
  • Does an older gal have the ability to make camming a sustainable income?
  • Can older ladies make money on webcam chat?
  • Helping my mom get started camming
  • Do You Use Your Real Age For Camming?
  • To MILF or not to MILF? That is the question.

    BBW Cam:
  • The BBW Camgirl Thread
  • Chubby, plus sized, BBW's; How much are you making on average?
  • Tips for BBW Cam Models
  • BBWS making 1000 a week?
  • BBW's on Streamate
  • BBW - How to Make Money on Cam?
  • Odd body for camming
  • Successful Curvy/BBW cam girls!
  • BBW rebelling

    Pregnancy & Webcamming:
  • Webcamming after giving birth
  • Sites that are lactation friendly
  • Camming While Pregnant advice!
  • Camming Pregnant
  • How did you get through your pregnancy financially?
  • Camming + Pregnancy: Too sick?

    Moms Camming:
  • Do you cam when your baby/child is home?
  • Moms Who Cam?
  • Post-Pregnancy - Any advice from camming mamas?

    Military/Teachers/Nurses/Other Professions & Camming:
  • Couples camming and military
  • Here is your proof!!You can still get a job after camming!
  • Camming and Nurse Practitioner
  • Camming, BG checks, and doctoring/midwifery after
  • Camming with a professional day job?
  • Camming and Nursing School
  • Will my past as a pornstar prevent me from getting a "real" job
  • Cam girl past messed up my life forever?
  • Camming and Teaching Abroad- Yea or Nay?
  • You CAN become a teacher!
  • Addictions counselor less risky than teaching?
  • any flight attendants who strip? (it is for stripping, but it can be used for camming)

    Revealing Personal Information (age,location,relationship) & Making a Cam Personality
  • How old are you BB?
  • My Two Adult Personas...Should I drop one?
  • What's your angle/character on cam vs. you in real life?
  • marketing self as teen??
  • "Shy play" and general recommendations? (for a newbie)
  • new cam girl..lie about location?
  • Personality & Personas
  • Disclosing relationship status on cam. What to do?
  • Personal Style on Cam & Personas
  • Acting Slutty -Versus- Acting Nice
  • What are your specialties/selling points? Physical attributes/personality/service wise
  • Good Girl Vs. Bad...who gets the most following/privates/income?

    Hustle Tips:
  • Hustle Hut Cam Style
  • Regular's are great, but sales are about NEW acquisitions
  • What's Your Hustle?
  • First 3 minutes of Privates
  • Some tips I'd like to share that have helped me make more money...
  • Newbie Hustle Progress Thread?
  • How to keep spies in show for longer?
  • How To Be The Most Successful Cammer EVER!!! $$$$$$$$
  • The Best 6 Secrets to BANK working on cam sites...
  • Streamate "hustling" questions
  • I hate to do this but I really just gotta ask... (good tips on hustling in gold shows)
  • Laying Down/Sitting down/Standing up .. $$ differences?
  • Do you perform in public or only in private?
  • What are you more concerned with while IN private? this or that.
  • Webcam hustle thread!
  • Members: What makes you stay in a model's room?
  • How to increase Private time?
  • reaching goal with timer/without timer. whats better?
  • Needing a refresher or some guidance!
  • How Soon Into a Private Are You Fully Nude?
  • Squirting and others extra things in camming?
  • Non-Monetary Signs that You are Doing Something Right or Wrong
  • Training Men
  • WHAT am I doing wrong?
  • Ways to STALL and Make More Money...
  • Tips to Bank on Cam ;)
  • getting customers to "think" they know you
  • How to Increase Private Time?
  • STEALING Customers! How to do it?
  • Getting Regulars to Move Offsite
  • Outfits that make $$ in camming? Experience welcomed!
  • Reminders To Tip
  • Cumshow Duration
  • Subtle and subconcious ways to increase tips, esp on token sites?
  • Adultwork free chat hustle
  • How much more did you make when you got a better wardrobe/ cam?
  • Making a pvt longer?
  • "Hanging Out" on Cam as a Hustle-Style
  • how do you greet customers and converse in free chat?
  • Streamate- No toys...MFC "NewModel"
  • How do you "Close" the "Sale"..Lines that work for you to get the paid show!
  • Still new to camming: Do I need to know how to do "shows?"

    Raffles, Games, other fun things:
  • MFC Games and Topics
  • Raffles and Giveaway's
  • Whiteboard and other fun easy game.
  • Cam Games?
  • Tarot card readings on mfc?
  • Running Raffles on Streamate
  • * Newbie here* MFC Raffle - Pop my Private Show Cherry. Thoughts?
  • Pizza Party Skype Date Raffle

    Selling or Using the contact info (phone, text, etc) for camming and custies:
  • A trend I've noticed lately.. "Tip XX and get my phone #!"
  • Selling phone numbers
  • Get paid to text with fans/followers without sharing your number
  • SnapChat or KIK?
  • Selling Kik and Snapchat
  • cam sites that allow outside customer contact?

  • How do you define your niche as a camgirl?
  • Only Certain Niches Can Move Up In the Industry It Seems..

  • Non-Nude Camming?!?! Confused!
  • SM Non Nude
  • Non-Nude on MFC
  • New fetish type of cammer here!
  • advertising for non adult camming?
  • Non-nude model show tips
  • Non-nude model.. sucking ass lol
  • Can I pull off nonnude?
  • Is there any cam site I can go on, make money, and not be nude?
  • Non-Nude Dominatrix - Does it Work?

  • Camgirl Economics
  • High vs. Low Rates
  • How Much Money Can I/You make as a Camigirl?
  • Webcam girls earn HOW MUCH? via DailyMail
  • Under $3 a min!!!
  • Does anyone else have a 'Sweet Spot' When it comes to Your Rates? or is it just me?
  • I lower my rates, doing wonderful
  • Streamate Girls: multiple guys in private ?
  • How much is TOO much to charge on Streamate?
  • Raise Your Rate Challenge - CLIP STORES
  • SM girls - what you do you usually charge per minute?
  • webcamming at $4.99 a minute or higher
  • What are your rates? (survey)
  • Raise Your Rates - Challenge!
  • Recent Skype Show Prices
  • What's your cam schedule/quota?
  • Please.Stop. Being. Cheap. ( !!!!!!!!!!)
  • Raising Rates when you need the money? A bad idea?
  • HOW to Price Items
  • "You're so expensive!"? - Keep this in mind...
  • Realistic salary for a camgirl
  • Do you make 1000 a week?
  • What do you put on your tip menu?>
  • Gowebcams - Models' Rates Listed
  • Indy Ladies - Why are Indy Rates So Low??
  • When should you lower your prices?
  • Advice Please On How To Raise Rates to Actually make Camming Worth It~I'll Explain
  • Why I'm currently earning LESS than minimum wage camming, and STILL love my job...
  • Prices per minute on Webcams
  • Do you think your prices affect your average income?

    Methods of tracking your earnings:
  • Document to track your monthly and yearly earnings!
  • Great Webcamming Financial Plan (That Worked For Me)
  • Cam Your Way - finance & tracking tools for Cam Models - - - (Cam Your Way website)
  • bookkeeping software?
  • Daily Income Tracker App?
  • 2015's Saving Hustle

    Goal Challenges:
  • The "Just stay the fuck on" thread.
  • Do You Have A Daily Goal When Camming?
  • $500 and under webcam earners
  • Mini $500 weekend hustle challenge - Who's in?
  • $1000+ Per Week Challenge
  • $2000+ Per Week Challenge
  • Any girls up for a $3000 a week challenge?
  • $4000+ Per Week Challenge
  • $1000+ in a Day Challenge
  • The 'Better Than Your Average Week' Challenge
  • Camming Your Way to $10k
  • Spring/Summer Hustler's Challenge
  • The Fall/Winter Hustler's Challenge!
  • Christmas/Holiday Hustle Thread: Share!
  • Clip-a-day challenge
  • Camgirl Challenge: Can you make money.....
  • Increase Your Earnings Challenge!!
  • How much have you made this week challenge.
  • Raise the Indy Rates Challenge

    Slow Days:
  • Stuff to Do When You Have A Slow/Bad Day
  • Motivations for when ur having a slow day
  • What do you do when your room is slow?
  • How to survive slow times!

    Custies & Private Problems:
  • Regular's are great, but sales are about NEW acquisitions
  • Does anyone else take it personally when their regulars lie/ stop coming/ etc.?
  • Do You Ever Turn Down Pvts/Exclsv?
  • Ending privates early?
  • "I'm here for the $" vs. "I'm horny 24/7"
  • Abuse in the chat room.
  • Regulars Gone Bad.....
  • The Blocked List
  • Dealing with cheapos, and keeping up the 'act'...
  • What are your views on 'lurkers'?
  • The Theory behind short shows: Us vs. Them
  • Regulars that start talking in free chat?
  • Insufficient tippers: how to deal?
  • How Do You Handle A Custie Who Turns Lurker?
  • Have you ever had someone just want to talk?
  • Members only viewing for under a minute - frustrated!
  • SM, How many people have you Banned...and What do you ban for
  • Cam girl intuition: Spotting the guys who won't pay
  • Guys that you encounter that will probably not buy a show.
  • 1 STAR?!?!?! Fuck YOU!
  • How to ask for tips
  • What do you do when regulars get... weird?
  • When Custie Enters Prvt., and tells You to "Hurry Up!"~Your Suggestions
  • Banning a Reg
  • Advice-How To Handle Your Room(Others) When A Custie Tips (Gives Gold)? On SM
  • Your Opinions On When Your Best Custie Starts Acting Wonky?
  • How do you deal with lurkers/freeloaders who are nice but aren't paying?
  • Repeat customers getting the same show each time?
  • Recognizing the minute guys before private?
  • Have you ever gone off on your customers on cam?
  • Ugh 1-3 minute privates!
  • Frustrating fetish guys
  • What to do when customers say they r broke? (for stripping, but some tips could work for camming)
  • "To Ban, Or Not To Ban?",..That Is The Question
  • How can I Stop sounding like a Broken Record for Privates?
  • When cam customers are HOT!
  • Ever had a hot guy on cam2cam?
  • Loser Guys Who Like to Insult Cam Models
  • I'm losing a lot of my regulars
  • Regular turned on me

    Getting Too Attached or Close to Cam Custies Or Cam Model & Asking to Meet:
  • Smitten with a customer!
  • Getting attatched to your customer
  • Advice needed! Developing strong feelings for a customer...
  • An Advice about a too much Attached Regular
  • Guys who talk about meeting you - ugh
  • how do u deal with customers nagging u to meet up or trying to pressure u into it?

    Drinking, Smoking & Drugs On Cam:
  • drinking alcohol on cam
  • Camming and Boozing
  • Does anyone cam drunk or high?
  • Poll Results: do you drink while you cam? If so, what's your poison?
  • Alcohol on cam
  • Drugs on cam
  • Camming and drug use
  • Do you do better when you're drunk?
  • Smoking & Camming

    Finding and Working with other Models for camming & contents:
  • Finding people to make content with (Excellent tips by Sam38g)
  • Camming with other girls
  • Finding sex workers in my area for creating content?
  • Have you ever thought about finding a partner to Cam with?

    General Questions & Tips on Camming:
  • What are you more concerned with while IN private? this or that.
  • How Do You Get Re-Dressed Quickly After A Prvt.?
  • What's your webcamming "flash" policy ?
  • Microexpressions and The Art of Lying to Yourself
  • The Adaption Support Thread - Share tips on how to adapt to changes in camming!
  • Camming during the day vs. night
  • Enter Private before OR after getting ready for it
  • Camming & Cleaning & Keeping Up!
  • Camming Break Blues
  • What to do/not to do
  • What would you do if.... (in situations where your custie have an accident and need a help)
  • Custie with face blurred?
  • Regulars; are they necessary for camming survival?
  • What's your biggest on-cam pet peeve?
  • HELP! Taking money from nice guys makes me feel guilty!
  • Longest Private?
  • Camming while lesbian and feminist
  • Low Funds, Freaking out, what am i doing wrong?! O_O
  • I can't seem to make any money on SM anymore. Why?
  • Virgin Cam Girl - struggling.
  • I'm not camming for two months - how can I keep my customers interested?

    Instructions on camming, dances, stripping, & etc:
  • The Instructional Video Thread (Dance moves and using the pole)
  • Booty Clap
  • How did you learn pole?
  • booty clap 101
  • Creating a Camgirl Tutorial

    Camming with Significant Other/Roommate/Group/Family/Neighbor at home:
  • When the SO is home....
  • Camming while your man is home!
  • Working 9-5/Living With Family
  • Living with 5 men in a not so sound proof victorian house....
  • Help! Mom caught me camming and cancelled the internet!
  • Owners of the house put parental blocking pg13 on the Internet! Help!
  • anyone ever cammed while living in a group house?
  • Quiet Camming - new flat mates moving in.. eek!
  • would u cam in a room mate situation
  • Camming with Kids in the House
  • Cam girls with roommates...
  • How can I cam at night,and keep it quiet,so neighbors don't hear?
  • camming from home while kids are away?
  • Anyone Live with a Roommate who doesn't know You Cam? (or pso)-advice please
  • Can a shared internet (for camming), be accesed by the person Im sharing with?
  • Extra privacy tip for girls camming without a door lock! - Greatest invention!
  • Uncomfortable Camming with Hubby Home
  • How Can I Cam From A Closet?~ Suggestions and Tips Please
  • working with a toddler at home tips?

    Phone Sex Operator (PSO) & Sexting:
  • The Niteflirt Thread
  • Phone Sex Company Rip Off, Scam Warning - XOXO Telecom Group/
  • Phone Sex Op Enterprises??
  • The General Purpose "Phone Sex Rocks" Right Now!
  • Any info on
  • Phone sex without a working phone?
  • Best phone sex operator sites?!
  • Does anyone here work at Any thoughts?
  • Phone Sex With (option to cam)~ advice please
  • PSO Affiliate Forwarding Service
  • Arousr

    Camming Burn Out:
  • On Cam Meltdown..
  • What does cam burnout feel like for you?
  • Working through Burn-out???
  • How to prevent burn out and avoid hating cam?????
  • Please help. Cam burn out?

    Camming and Your Health:
    Camming Hairdos, Disguises, Wigs, Teeth Whitening, Make-Ups, & Covering or Hiding Body issues: Camming on Periods, Lubes, Cleaning up, Squirting, & Backdoor:

    Fake Cum & Ejaculating Dildo:
  • secret fake sperm recipes anyone?
  • Ejaculating Dildo?
  • The Best Mixture for....ejaculating dildo.
  • Squirting Dildos For Camshows ?
  • Ejaculating Dildo?

    Cumming & Faking it tips!
  • What kind of orgasm show do you give the guys
  • Real Orgasms
  • Cumming Oddities
  • Faking it?
  • The How To keep dildoing smarter not harder ;)
  • Making fake cum?
  • Ever been accused of "faking it"?
  • Cam girl tricks?
  • How to fake squirting
  • Creamy Pussy?

  • Information for Skype Camgirls
  • The Indy Site Thread
  • Indy HELP
  • Being indy and dealing with Skype freeloaders!!
  • Stumbling my way through indy. Need a tip? Take a tip! Have a tip? Give one!
  • Independent Cam Directories / Listings
  • New Camgirl Classified Site -
  • Indie girls: Do you give "previews"?
  • My Site For Independent Camgirls
  • Indy Ladies - Why are Indy Rates So Low??
  • How long do you honour your prices for?
  • Time Wasters on Skype

    Gold Shows, Oil Shows, Outdoor Shows, Shower Shows & Voyeur shows: Camming while Travel & Abroad:
  • Travel Camming
  • Wifi & Camming Abroad (London Ladies, HAuLLPPP!)
  • Camming and Teaching Abroad- Yea or Nay?
  • Using Publicly Shared WIFI While Camming~ Is It Safe?
  • Camming while living abroad somewhere cheaper

    Camming at Hotels:
  • Hotel Camming for a week :( help
  • Internet speeds at Vegas Extended Stays (a tip about Airbnb)
  • camming at the motel?? what about the internet speed? please help!
  • Does HotSpot Shield, etc protect you from hotels/public internet seeing your feed?
  • Tips for cam from a hotel/motel
  • Site for testing hotel internet

    Traveling with toys:
  • Traveling With Toys
  • Webcamming oversea.. and taking toys on the plane

    Camming & Citizenship / Immigration:
  • Immigration and camming
  • Getting Dual Citizenship While Being a Camgirl
  • Applying for citizenship and camming... Pretty concerned...
  • Camming in UK with student visa?
  • Camming from another country/visa issues.

    Non-US Webcammers:
  • Canadian Camgirl Questions
  • Cam girls in Europe; how do you cash out?
  • European Girls
  • Camming for AU Girls
  • ITIN Number and W-8BEN (Applicable to foreign workers living outside of USA)
  • Camming + Visa situation in the US
  • Camming from another country/visa issues.

    Non-US Camming Sites:
  • European Cam Sites

    Camarathon & Long Shifts:
  • I just can not work 8 hours/day!!! :(( Whyyyy! :((
  • How to Physically cam for more than 2 hours??
  • Pulling a 24 cam-a-thon
  • 60 day cam marathon?
  • Anyone ever tried working loooong shifts 2-3 days per week ...
  • longest you've cammed in a day.
  • anyone up for a 12hr marathon challenge tonight? 12a-12p?
  • 1000 Minutes a Week Challenge
  • 8 Hours a day
  • 20 hours a week challenge!
  • 30+ hours a week challenge
  • 300 hours in March (aka March Madness)
  • Crazy hours Week

    Making Energy:
  • Keeping up your energy on cam
  • CamGirl GoodMood CockTail
  • Caffeine pills?
  • Anybody drink energy drinks?
  • Stayin'Awake..
  • Energy Drinks
  • Ephedrine 3 times a day!
  • Best energy booster?
  • damn redbull
  • Keeping up your energy on cam
  • Secrets to Getting Motivated
  • How to stay awake when camming at night?
  • How to conserve energy

    Getting Some Good Rest or Sleep:
  • Cam girl sleep schedule- Help?
  • Tired!! Tips for not becoming a zombie?
  • Sleeeeeeeeep
  • Antidepressants (ATTN: Mediocrity)
  • sleeping pills
  • So how the Fxck do you guys fall asleep?!

    Schedule & Time Management:
  • How many days a week do you cam?
  • What is your designated DAYS OFF?
  • Camming: How to Schedule Your Way to Freelance Productivity
  • Cam Girl Tip: Time Management
  • Setting your cam schedule
  • Have you become nocturnal just to cam?
  • Scheduling and part time cam girls
  • What's your cam schedule/quota?
  • Camming on Fridays or weekends...
  • What times of the day do you like to cam?
  • Trying to figure out good schedule
  • Not camming on weekends and does it affect your money?
  • Does anybody cam 7 days a week?
  • Whats your daily schedule look like?
  • Getting into a routine/schedule?
  • Daytime Cammers!
  • What is your designated DAYS OFF?
  • American cammers--what shifts are mo$t profitable for you?
  • Crazy hours Week
  • The "Just stay the fuck on" thread.
  • Setting Priorities: a Time Management Challenge

    Breaks in Shift, Snacks, & Etc:
  • Snacks on cam breaks?
  • Meal & Snack Planning for the full-time Cam Girl??? Suggestions

    Camming During Holidays, Sport Days, & etc:
  • Do you do 1 day discounts on vids/pics/cam shows on holidays?
  • will camming get better after the holidays
  • State of the industry or seasonal change?
  • Where are YOU having the best luck this Holiday season?
  • Where's the "Who's Camming on Thanksgiving/BlackFriday" Thread?
  • Camming xmas eve and ny eve?
  • Cammed on x-mas eve day-Terrible!-WTF was THAT ABOUT? anybody have this yesterday?
  • Camming into the New Year?
  • Christmas/Holiday Hustle Thread: Share!
  • Camming on Valentines Day?
  • A Special Note To Football~ Signed,Hard Working Cam Girl Who You are Fu..king With
  • Superbowl Sunday-Who's working?
  • Working during the Superbowl?
  • Easter~ Are you Planning on camming?~Outfits? Games, Etc~
  • Anybody working easter?
  • Happy Memorial Day My fellow American Cam Girls! Are You Camming ~ What r Your Plans?
  • Just a Reminder that Sunday is Father's Day
  • 4th of july
  • Labor Day~ Will You Be Camming?
  • Columbus Day Weekend~Who's Camming?
  • Happy Halloweenie! Will You Cam tonight And Wear A costume?
  • Will You Be Camming On Monday-Veteran's Day?-Confused about this holiday
  • So who's working Today on Thanksgiving?

  • Cam-Girl To-Do's Thread
  • My NEW Trick to Camming Longer!!!!
  • I will not make any money if I don't log on
  • How do you motivate yourself to get on cam?
  • How to cam when you feel so... blah?
  • Secrets to Getting Motivated
  • How do you get into work mode
  • Accountability Club? Someone Kick Me in the Ass Please?
  • Camming motivation help and tricks
  • Getting on cam even when you don't want too.....

    Flirt Lines, Dirty Lines, Slangs, & Foreign Languages
  • Google Translate
  • Wiktionary
  • Hint lines for German Custies
  • Slang Around the World...
  • Dirty Slang Dictionary
  • Sexual Terminology
  • Dirty Sex Dictionary
  • Dirty Pickup Lines
  • The Uncensored French Language
  • Pick Up Lines Galore!
  • Lost in Translation
  • Slang Around the World...
  • Dirty talk cheat sheet thread
  • I need some help with dirty talk

    Special Requests:
  • Some of These Requests Though
  • Elaborate role plays and how you girls deal with them
  • SM- Require Block Session For Some Requests?
  • Getting "slimed/messy", is this worth it?

    No audio / typing only:
  • Freechat: talking vs typing
  • For those of you who cam without audio...
  • Ladies who cam without audio

    Fetish Tips:
    Selling Your Panties and other things:
  • How to Sell Panties
  • Best Selling Panty Styles (including panties sites)
  • CONFIRMED: Panty Selling on SM is a NO-NO!
  • Need to make shoes STINK to sell, any ideas?
  • Panty Auctions??
  • How To Sell Worn Panties
  • Selling old panties?
  • Selling Panties!
  • Selling used panties/etc questions
  • Help.. Where is the best place to sell my used panties and such?
  • Selling pussy pops & worn items
  • Woman Faces Jail for Dirty Underwear
  • Selling Underwear 101

    Camgirl's Necessities & tips:
  • Pantyhose and other fetish items?
  • Camming Costume and Outfit Woes
  • Where's your favorite place to shop for lingerie?
  • Do you buy your own lingerie?

  • The Streamate Thread
  • Streamate party chat
  • Message From SM About Free 30 Secs
  • Block Sessions on SM - Do you have them enabled?
  • Streammate 2.0 the Hustle and Tech Support Thread
  • Customer levels on SM
  • Streamate Recruiting
  • PLEASE HELP READ streamate is selling a video of me during one of my privates???
  • Ways to get your placement up on sm?
  • Tags on Streamate
  • Phone Calls On SM - Is It Really Safe?
  • Operation: Decode Streamate Placement
  • Kink on SM: Where are lines drawn?
  • Streamate Tags You Have Blocked
  • Are there more rude guys on SM lately?
  • Streamate & Nudity: Suspended
  • No SM HD Encoder.. and trying to earn a living :/
  • TV Gold Shows, Break Button and Placement
  • SM TV Shows - DO we get all the money?
  • The Policy of Pussy: SM Edition
  • Wishilst/asking for gifts on Streamate?
  • Streamate "hustling" questions
  • Can Customers Read Our Notes at SM?
  • Streamate Auto Text Question
  • Selling Vids for Tips/ Gold on SM
  • If You're As Tired Of FREE CHAT On SM Like I am~Here's An Idea To Change That
  • Recorded Shows on SM
  • SM Gold Club
  • Watermarking on SM
  • Why is traffic so wishy washy? ON STREAMATE
  • Leaving the Streamate studios (Including Camshark studio)
  • SM Ladies! What % do you spend in paid?
  • Request a streamate tag!
  • Streamate question/answer and general information
  • Difference between Streamates and Camsharks?
  • Streamate Crackdown
  • Streamate without free chat. Own website?
  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Question about Streamate Settings (exclusive only option for custies) Thanks
  • New "My Ranking" Section on SM
  • Streamate PVT and Exclusive Differences
  • This is why our cut is only 35%
  • Streamate Traffic Dip
  • Streamate: Party Chat and Gold Shows are NOT the same thing!
  • Streamate: How many people have you listed as a FAVORITE?! :-)
  • How do i get Streamate to delete my pictures ?
  • Change name on Streamate
  • Is there anywhere you can get in trouble for posting your cammodels link?
  • Anyone else having slower traffic on streamate?
  • Data Question (Streamate)

  • The MyFreeCams Thread
  • [MAIN] MyFreeCams
  • Advice for new models
  • MyFreeCams Token Calculator
  • Getting out of Daily Pay (PrincessJenny) and into Katy's studio
  • MFC Assistant v.1
  • Can't seem to get to $50 a day on MFC
  • I am about to find out if camscore really doesn't matter on MFC
  • MFC girls tipping themselves for top spots.
  • top model earnings, MFC
  • MyFreeCams: How long to start making decent $?
  • MFC- skype cash or tokens?
  • Mfc with other Tokensites
  • I hid my camscore and...
  • MFC public cum shows - Do you do them?
  • How Do Countdowns Work?
  • Yellow Wall Etiquette?
  • Is MFC 420 friendly?
  • countdowns
  • MFC Premium -> Platinum Members
  • Tipping Etiquette
  • How long is a model "obligated" to cam after token goal?
  • MFC Profile Layouts & Graphics
  • Taming the MyFreeCams Profile
  • HTML Cheatsheet to create/edit your MyFreeCams profile
  • How to set up a MFC CSS profile
  • Camscore( Below 1000)
  • MFC models sitting in the lounge
  • How long can you be on vacation until you become irrelevant?
  • Model In Models Room Etiquette
  • .6 Token Package
  • MFC: About Ratings and Admirers
  • Prices for Skype
  • MFC Games and Topics
  • MFC support on skype... wtf?!

  • The Chaturbate Thread
  • Other Chaturbate "thread"
  • Chaturbate Privacy Settings Down
  • A warning about Chaturbate's privates being hacked
  • Omfg!!! Website showing real names and ip address
  • [MAIN] Chaturbate

    Kink Live:
  • KinkLive Thread
  • Just got back from the Kink Armory!
  • [MAIN] KinkLive
  • Thread
  • How profitable is
  • [MAIN]
  • Have you been selected for 67% on Streamray/
  • [MAIN]
  • Questions about

  • The CamModel Directory Thread
  • [MAIN] CamModelDirectory
  • CamModelDirectory ( KICKED ME OFF JUST LIKE THAT)

    BoleynModels Network:
  • BoleynModels Site
  • The BoleynModels/InstantPay Thread on SW
  • Getting out of Daily Pay (PrincessJenny) and into Katy's studio

    Plumber Pass:
  • BBW Models Plumber Pass Camsite

  • [MAIN] LiveJasmin
  • Question for LiveJasmin performers
  • LiveJasmin has ALOT of Traffic
  • LiveJasmin==Getting paying customers out of FREE chat!
  • Question for LiveJasmin performers

  • Getting through the 120 hours on IMLIVE

  • Cam4
  • [MAIN] Cam4

    The AdultWork:
  • New UK Regulations on Porn Sites, ATVOD & what it means for you
  • The Adultwork Thread
  • [MAIN] AdultWork
  • Why is AW soo effin confusing? (Nice tip on how to navigate AW by bookmark)
  • Adultwork free chat hustle
  • adultwork bad experience
  • Adultwork Tips
  • Pressuring Adultwork for some changes?

  • The Niteflirt Thread
  • [MAIN] NiteFlirt
  • Niteflirt Featuring? :-/

    My Girl Fund:
  • Mygirlfund "main" thread
  • I think Mygirlfund f****d me over...
  • MyGirlFund
  • 400 camscore on MGF. Throw in the towel or...
  • Does anybody make any effin money on MGF these days?!!
  • MyGirlFund: The flagging system and how to tell the difference between help and abuse
  • MyGirlFund is confusing.
  • MGF account terminated.....please help!
  • POLL: How long did it take you to get verified to MyGirlFund?

    Piggy Bank Girls:
  • New content platform Piggy Bank Girls?

  • Full Clips4Sale Category List
  • The Clips4Sale Thread
  • [MAIN] Clips4Sale
  • Clips4sale Clip Tutorial
  • $$ question for ladies with C4S stores..
  • C4S Condensed
  • Making Clips4sale videos using phone?
  • C4S FINALLY cracking down on miscategorized clips!
  • I made six figures on clips4sale alone...I want to share my knowledge
  • Are Multiple C4S stores better than just one?
  • What is your average weekly/monthly income on Clips4Sale?
  • C4S Am I selling too cheap?
  • Clips4Sale bullshit
  • 420 on C4S

  • [MAIN] KinkBomb
  • Kinkbomb Warning!
  • Is Kinkbomb still a content stealer?
  • *WARNING* Kinkbomb is shady

  • extralunchmoney thread
  • [MAIN] ExtraLunchMoney
  • ELM marketplace now allows selling indy cam shows and physical goods
  • ELM Giving it al away for peanuts?
  • What's All this About? (ELM Custom)

  • Skype for cam shows
  • Skype do's and don'ts
  • How to you deal with people asking for PREVIEWS on skype
  • Why use Skype?
  • Indy Skype girls. what do you charge?
  • How much do you charge for skype shows
  • Verifiying Customers Age and Getting Paid
  • A regular wants to go off SM and use skype. Payment options.
  • Recent Skype Show Prices"
  • Best VPN for Skype Shows
  • Skype-location tracking
  • Skype Shows - VPN and Privacy
  • trick to keep Skype shows from going over
  • Skype Shows = Main Source Of Income?
  • Skype Question "This message has been removed"
  • Indy Ladies - Why are Indy Rates So Low??

    Passive Income:
  • Passive Income and the Camgirl
  • Sexy Passive Income
  • Sites I've found - passive income, cam sites, etc.
  • Content sites... How long do u usually wait until you sell something??..

    Making, Recording, Storing, Sharing & Selling the Contents with the Custies: Marketing: Softwares & Tools for Webcammers:
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals - Camgirl Related
  • Helpful Sites for Camgirls
  • Stickies
  • Phrase Express (TextExpander for Mac users)
  • SnapTimer
  • GIMP
  • Skype
  • 15 Free Open Source Tech Resources For Online Adult Performers
  • The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today
  • Write Monkey (I use it to write with character counter, for twitter. simple interface!)
  • WebPlus X7 (download free software and then buy the software from inside the software for a big discount)
  • The Newbie-Friendly Software Thread

  • What can I use for good lighting in a tiny apartment?
  • Umbrella or Softbox
  • My Video Looks Orangish...
  • All About Lighting
  • Pink Light Bulbs? Pastel or Magenta type?
  • Lighting setup for better video quality
  • DIY Light Diffuser
  • Can I copy your lighting setup?
  • Creating a Camgirl Tutorial
  • Camming without ceiling lights ...
  • Blacklight Camming?

    Background / Backdrop:
  • Background colour for camroom?
  • Backdrop Storage
  • PVC Pipe Backdrop
  • 3-in-1 Photography Backdrop Stand Tutorial
  • Ever use "green screen" for vids?
  • Tired of hanging red curtains or black for background

    Photography DIYS & Tips:
  • DIY Photography
  • DIY Photography Tutorials

    Camming Set-Up
  • Can I see your cam room desk setup?
  • Anyone Cam in the Their Bathroom?
  • webcam only how is your room set up
  • Do you use a separate room just for camming?
  • What should my cam space look like?
  • Cam Space Decor
  • Camming from a 'dive'?!
  • Nice paint colors for your cam room

  • Working Multiple Sites Vs. Working a Few:$$$$
  • Splitcam Guide for newbies
  • Best Split Cam Software
  • How do you splitcam? A slighty different splitcaming post...
  • How many sites you are split camming?
  • ManyCam & Lagging + Degrading Picture Quality
  • 2 sites at once?
  • Several Camsites in one Software
  • Splitcamming Support Group

  • Encoder from Streamate
  • How I got the encoder working, increased my upload speed and made lots more $$$$!
  • Streaming in widescreen on SM?
  • OBS Open Broadcaster Software as an Alternative to Flash Media Encoder

    Computer, Internet Tips, Recommendations & Troubleshooting:
  • The Camgirl's Guide to Computer Health
  • The Incredibly Detailed Guide to Computer Shopping
  • Tips For Speeding Up Your PC
  • Are Mac laptops good for camming?
  • Cox Internet Upgrade (including a tip on upgrading the cable modem)
  • sound proofing a computer
  • Bad Internet Connection
  • Dual-Core i5/i7 VS Quad-Core i7 Question For Tech-Savvy Girls - What Do YOU Use?
  • Waterproof keyboards
  • The Tech Report

    Camorder & Webcam Tips and Recommendations:
  • Need camcorder rec for making clips, halp!
  • Choosing a Webcam
  • Logitech C920 Review
  • Best Webcam in your opinion - webcam shopping
  • The Cam Thread: Pros & Cons (9000, 910, 920, etc)
  • The Best Cams for an Apple Machine
  • moving/zooming camera....
  • Need help fellow cammodels with reviews on a webcam
  • Camcorder as Webcam or Remote Control Webcam?
  • Camming From Phone Tutorial. (android)

    Camorder & Webcam Tips and Troubleshooting:
  • Camming From Phone Tutorial. (android)
  • Using a HD Camorder as a Mac Webcam
  • Camming From Tablet?

    Design / Host Webpages, Member Sites, Blogs, & etc: Graphic Makers (buttons, designs, & etc):
  • Buttons 4 you! (by Tsani)
  • Get A Beautiful MFC, CB, MGF, C4S, KB, or Clipvia Profile/Store Design! (by MarleyCat)
  • Free Graphic Design for Niteflirt/MFC ads/graphics (by domino.damoiselle)
  • Taming the MyFreeCams Profile
  • Free MFC profile design! (by Sabihah)

    Graphic Guides / Tips:
  • Make Your Own Graphics (Without special programs!)
  • Graphic Design Guidelines - Rules of Good Design and Layout
  • Teach yo-self! A guide to online graphic design education

    Photoshop Tips & Tutorials:
  • Basic photo editing tutorials
  • Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
  • Photoshop Lady
  • Tuts Plus - Design & Illustration
  • 122 brilliant Photoshop tutorials
  • GIMP Tutorials
  • 150+ Best Free Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials
  • How to become a designer without going to design school
  • 50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory

    Helpful Forums for Adult Content:
  • Net Pond
  • Black Hat Forum

    Camming Tools & other helpful tips:
  • Tools of the CamGirl trade
  • Track your Productivity =)
  • Phone Apps useful to cam girls!?
  • Cam girl wants to get a pole in apartment- what's best??
  • FemDom/Fetish E-books/Other E-Books/Resources
  • GMT: Greenwich Mean Time - World Time / Time in every Time Zone
  • World Time Buddy
  • Best Free Multiple Timezone World Clock
  • Convert Minutes to Hours (useful for sites like Streamate!)
  • The Calculator in Windows 7 & Windows 8 - A Tool for the Geek in You!

    Debates & Important topics:
  • Do you have or ever think about making a will??
  • How much does looks play into success. not for the insecure
  • How many Spenders/Tippers? How many Camgirls?
  • Biggest Cam Girl Regrets
  • Camming while lesbian and feminist
  • Teacher fired for previous porn career - keep this in mind!
  • Realistic salary for a camgirl
  • Jenna Jameson: "Webcamming Is Where The Money Is At In The Adult Industry"
  • Lying..I mean, more than what's needed
  • From Harvard to webcam girl
  • Do you ever feel insulted by compliments?
  • Do you agree: Breast Implants= more money?
  • Streamate VS. MyFreeCams VS Adultwork. The REAL numbers.
  • Should Cam sites set a MINIMUM on what a girl can charge?
  • Subtle and subconcious ways to increase tips, esp on token sites?
  • Is a college degree worth the cost?
  • Do you Have Favorite Custies In Certain Geographical Locations?~& Worst?
  • JAC'S list of 'must-read' books for camgirls. What's on your list?
  • Convincing my mom to enter the adult industry?
  • The future of camming, is it reasonable to expect ro be doing this 15 years from now?

    Religion & Sex Work:
  • My semi-crisis about mixing Christianity and camming...anyone else?
  • whats your religious/ spiritual background and how does stripping fit in?
  • Any Christian Cam Girls? I would Love Your Advice/Opinion
  • Camming and God (or another deity)
  • Religion and sex workers.
  • Church and Work?

    Law of Attraction:
  • Law of Attraction Group
  • Law of Attraction and Me being a Money Magnet
  • Subtle and subconcious ways to increase tips, esp on token sites?

    Relationships and Camming:
  • Living a double life?
  • SO Involvement in your Career
  • Has being a camgirl altered your definition of "cheating"? Guilt?
  • Cam vs Long Term Relationships
  • Having a relationship as a Camgirl...
  • Any of my cam girls married?
  • Husband, rules, control. Possible big spender?
  • Husband Troubles
  • So are customers cheating on their partners when they cum for us? *poll*
  • Financial Abuse
  • do you wear your wedding/engagement/whatever ring on cam?
  • Dumped for being a cam girl
  • My husband is driving me craaazy (rant warning)
  • How does your significant other feel about you camming?
  • husband obsessed with my cam money..
  • Camming "career" up in flames :{
  • My boyfriend says camming is easy compard to his job
  • Can I hold together a relationship while being a camgirl?
  • Camming...Causing Relationship Problems
  • Another Boyfriend vs Webcam Situation..(seeking to vent and advice)
  • Help! My fiance moved all his things out!
  • Questions from a guy whose girlfriend is a new camgirl
  • Having a relationship as a CamGirl
  • Streamate IMPORTANT QUESTION!! - Great tips on how to get away from abusive relationship and find a shelter!

    Interesting Requests & Privates:
  • Easiest private session you've ever had?
  • What is the CRAZIEST customer request/show you've ever had?
  • The Weirdest Custom Video?
  • the weirdest thing you have heard/been asked?

    Positive Threads:
  • "The Universe Loves Me!"
  • The General Purpose "Camming ROCKS Right Now" Thread!
  • The BRAG thread!!! Post your biggest successes and personal bests!!!
  • The Official "These CC Ladies ROCK MY WORLD!" Thread...
  • Camming has taught me....
  • COOL shit I've heard on cam
  • Most Surprising Regulars/High Tippers/Big Spenders
  • What Kept You From Quitting Camming?
  • What do you love about camming?
  • Money motivation - how much have you made in one day?!

    Venting space:
  • Annoying Shit I've Heard - Indie Version
  • The General Purpose "Camming Sucks Right Now" Thread
  • STUPID annoying shit I've heard on cam....
  • Annoying Cam Customers
  • What was your worst night camming so far?
  • How much have you made on your WORST week?
  • The VENT Thread, post about things that piss u off :)
  • What's your biggest on-cam pet peeve?
  • Dear Cam Customers...

    Fun camming threads:
  • A Beginner's Guide To Being A Bitch Hermit
  • CamFails/Embarrassing Moments
  • Camgirl Reaction Gifs
  • Camgirl's Before and After
  • Do u actually watch cam2cam?
  • Fun thread picture of all your toys!
  • Camgirl superpowers!
  • The GIFs Thread!
  • Do u actually watch cam2cam?
  • Show me your Camming Craftiness, bb!
  • Camgirl moments of triumph/ wittiest comebacks
  • The CamGirl bad habits thread
  • Camgirl Myths, Lies & Unpopular Opinions
  • Funny/Encouraging things that your partner says about your camming job!
  • you know you're a Camgirl when...
  • For all newbies if you wonder how camming is like
  • What guys say on cam/What guys actually mean on cam
  • Funniest Name Handles
  • What's it called when a guy shoves his balls into a lady? (a lot of funny names, excellent to make dirty talks on cam!)
  • Movies based off adult industry
  • One liners cam custies use??
  • The ultimate "OOPS!": Accidentlly emailing/tweeting customers from a personal account
  • Ridiculous shit in chat (custy version)
  • Ladies, what's the best and weirdest gift a custie has ever given you?

    Great Camming Blog, Tutorials, & etc:
  • Amanda36c
  • Cammodel Jesse Quinn
  • Sex Worker Helpfuls
  • Camming Secrets

    Finding other adult related or non-camming work at home:
  • I dont think camming is working out for me but i feel my job options are limited
  • Sites for side money
  • Legitimate Work From Home Opps?
  • Get paid to text with fans/followers without sharing your number
  • Things to do besides camming

    Excel Spreadsheets, Tutorials, and Tips:
  • Daily Income Tracker App?
  • Track the recieved deposits or payments. This could work for Daily Pay studio, skype payments, amazon giftcards, or whatever
  • SnowyStar's Daily Income & Goal
  • Amazing spreadsheet by Tsani
  • Clips4Sale Spreadsheet
  • Added few features to Tsani's spreadsheet (YTD, Left to Goal, etc)
  • Document to track your monthly and yearly earnings!
  • 5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics
  • Google Spreadsheet Tutorials
  • How To Manage Your Contact List in Excel
  • Helpful spreadsheets!

  • Adult Entertainer/Tax Preparer Intro. - - - (Tax Domme's website -
  • can a filing accountant refuse to file for an adult entertainer?
  • Taxes- is camming still worth it?
  • Anything that doesn't screw you with taxes..?
  • not having the money for filing my taxes?
  • Gifts, taxes and findom!
  • Are bank wire fees and payoneer fees deductable for taxes?
  • When doing taxes, what do you put under "occupation"?
  • What If You Can't Pay your Taxes?
  • Bill Passes US Senate that would Revoke US Passport rights if Taxes Unpaid
  • Cam Girl Taxes
  • Most Inexpensive (tax-wise) State To Live In As a Cam Girl
  • Buying a car with 9500 cash
  • Won't depositing all cash income trigger bank IRS audit? Intend to pay taxes!
  • The Tax Domme's Guide (Book) for Sex Workers - Taxes
  • Catching up with Taxes from the past few years
  • US Tax Guide for cam models
  • Apr Can'til 15th Nightmare - What If You Can't Pay the IRS ?
  • Tax News Update - 'How States Are Cracking Down on Small Business Tax Cheats'
  • Tax year IRA question
  • Part time Camming what is my tax responsibility?
  • finding a 'sex worker-friendly' accountant?
  • More Bedrooms (Rental) VS. Tax Deduction For Home-Based Business (Camming)
  • Paying taxes for the first time.
  • finding a 'sex worker-friendly' accountant?
  • Tax Deductions for Bloggers
  • Cam sites that do not report earnings?
  • Making a very large deposit into my checking account

    LLC & etc:
  • Getting started a camming and forming a LLC/ S-corp
  • Forming a LLC and Using a Tax ID for Privacy
  • LLC, Corp or Independent Contractor
  • Making cash deposits under an LLC
  • Obtaining LLC
  • Trademarking your cam name
  • Are You Legally A Business?
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